Word of the week: Norfolk

It's an easy, and perhaps obvious choice of word for me this week, but I'm going with it anyway and  choosing Norfolk as my word of the week.


We've spent a few days here with our bikes and have put in some serious practicing for our upcoming Bavarian cycling holiday with a few 40+ km cycles on consecutive days. That's further than we'll be doing most days when we're away, but it's been nice (did I really say that?) to gain some confidence about being able to cycle that far, so often. 

Thankfully my new bike has behaved much better than before and there's been very little evidence of clown legs and suspect gears during this trip. Phew!  And although Norfolk hasn't got any flatter(!) the "hills" or inclines are different to those in London. In Norfolk quite often there's a downhill before the uphill which means you can build up speed, and momentum. In London, mostly you get an uphill or a downhill and rarely are they joined together... and trust me, it makes all the difference!

We've also been spoilt by the weather so far and have avoided the day of grimness and rain London had yesterday. On one cycle - the one to the pub* - we had glorious weather and were reminded of just how big the skies here are in Norfolk. Ah, just beautiful!


I wasn't quite prepared for the weather and am now sporting a rather attractive "T-Shirt tan" which two days later is only just starting to fade. I suspect it's as much of a wind-tan as a sun-tan though, but still it's not a great look. 

And the final Norfolk-related thing is that this week I was able to share a Spring update of my Dad's garden, it really looks as if it's about to burst into life and as one person commented "is full of 'real' flowers"

So it's been a fab week here - how's your week been?

The Reading Residence

* the pub was in Burnham Overy Staithe where we refuelled with a very nice pub lunch and a pint or two. Other cycles have been to Sandringham for tea and cake and to Brancaster Staithe to visit the fish shed. I suspect you can see a theme developing here, can't you?