Word of the week: Side-tracked

Other contenders for the word to describe my week were dither, procrastinate and wobble - but although I've probably done all of those this week, none felt right to sum up the whole week. And then while I was doing something else entirely (yes the irony isn't lost on me) it came to me - this week my word should be side-tracked.


It's been the kind of week where I intend to do one thing and then something crops up and I find myself doing something else entirely. And then I wonder what on earth the thing I planned to do even was... But maybe that's an age thing too!

I can't even blame it all on social media either - one of the easiest ways I know to be quickly side-tracked! Some of it's been down to the weather and some down to waiting for phone calls to be returned. And then there's been the to do list that's so long you wonder where on earth to start.

It's taken me until Thursday to get around to getting the bike out and heading off to the Post Office to collect the parcel that was delivered while we were away last week - it's not even a long way, it takes a whole half-hour to get there and back. I'm blaming the weather for this one though, as at the start of the week every time I considered heading out the skies darkened. At times there was heavy rain, at times sun and even hail. But at least when I did go the weather was good!

Lunches have also been side-tracked - well not completely, as that would just be mad - but a couple of days this week it's got to mid-afternoon before I realise I've not had lunch, and that's why I'm hungry...  

And even writing this post, despite having plenty of time I found myself writing it just last night, after regaining my attention from wherever it had been diverted. It's not been a bad week, but it's just not been the week I thought I'd have.  Have you done better and had a week that's gone to plan?

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