Word of the week: Birthday

An easy choice of word for this week as it's my birthday today. 


As with most birthdays these days it's one I'm stretching out for as long as I can, and at least for a couple of weeks. At 48 years young it's the kind of pace I can keep up with! 

This week has been about the birthday run-up and making sure MOH has deciphered those big hints as I hoped. It's been a week of increased happy post too, which is always nice.  

Tonight we're heading into Blackheath for a meal to celebrate and for once I didn't have a list of places to choose from. Not sure why, but perhaps that's a sign of a contented lot, who knows.  

It's unlikely that MOH will have sorted out a cake, and in all fairness we were out last night and he's been at work so he's had little time to plan and make a masterpiece. There has been cake though as I made a rhubarb cake on Monday - with rhubarb from the garden - but I may make a chocolate cake later today, as birthdays should be celebrated with chocolate and not rhubarb. Well in my book anyway.  

And MOH is planning to make chocolate mousse at the weekend, and after chocolate cake that's the next best way to eat chocolate, so that's really not a bad thing at all. I hope you've all had a great week too, even if it hasn't been your birthday!

The Reading Residence