Word of the week: Firsts

This week my word was an obvious choice, it's been a week of many firsts so what better word than firsts?


There was my first time being on the other side of a linky on Monday when I guest co-hosted #ShareTheJoy with Michelle over at Bod for Tea. It was good discipline for me as my posts for this were prepared well in advance and that's another first for quite a while too! Before the linky post went live there was the anticipation and hope that the code I'd entered was the right one - thankfully it was and it wasn't anywhere near as scary as I thought it might be. In fact I quite enjoyed it, but it did give me a greater understanding and admiration for those that host regular linkys.

I linked up my food waste recycling film this week too, that's the first video I've shared here and it was my first time on film too.  It was filmed back in December here at 139a and is live on the Recycle Now website, along with the other short films in the series. If you didn't get to watch it yet, it's here on the right too:

At the weekend we headed off to Grand Designs Live and as well as getting some advice for our garden plans, we also spoke to an architect and several bi-fold door companies for advice and ideas on how we can revamp our conservatory. It's the first time we've thought about doing anything more structural to our house, and the first time we've sought this kind of advice. All of the information we gained there is now bubbling away and I'm sure it'll help us make a more informed decision. I'm not sure if or indeed when yet, but it's definitely given us food for thought.

Tuesday saw us join a group of cyclists from Lewisham for their fortnightly Tuesday Totter. The plan was to meet near Ladywell station, cycle back towards Greenwich and head under the river then head west towards Tower Bridge, over the bridge and then back along the Thames Path on the south of the river. In the end there was a late change of plan and we did the route in reverse. But either way we got to cycle over Tower Bridge, which was a first and less scary in a group than it might have been as a couple of cyclists in the traffic. It was quite a windy evening Tuesday, and at times it felt like we were pedalling away just to stop ourselves going backwards! 

It was a fair old cycle for a week night, and while - at 34k - it wasn't the longest cycle we've done, it was the longest we'd done on a weekday evening. The Tuesday Totter tradition is to end in the pub, which sounds fair enough to me, and *may* just have been one of the attractions of the ride... Originally the pub chosen was one in Nunhead, and one that would have been on our way home (not that we knew where the pub was!) but because we'd cycled the route in reverse we said our farewells once we were through the Greenwich foot tunnel.  But not to be denied our pub visit we headed off towards the Cutty Sark Tavern for a quick pint, and a bonus sausage roll before heading home. Sitting outside the pub on a windy Tuesday night was a first too, but we weren't the only ones!

So lots going on this week in the way of firsts, which has been good fun, often thought provoking and at other times not as scary as I thought!  How's your week been?