Things in 3s: MOH's pick of Chelsea

Well actually as you may have guessed there's three picks of Chelsea otherwise the things in 3s bit wouldn't work. And the Chelsea in question is the Chelsea Flower Show. If you ask MOH if he's chosen them, he'll probably say no - but these are the three things I struggled to get him away from, so I think that means he's subliminally chosen them...

So with the title of this post well and truly explained, let's move on. 

1. It started with fire pits...

As we approached this stand it wasn't immediately clear what we would find, but it definitely looked interesting. As we got closer we discovered fire pits of shapes and sizes. And on a very well dressed stand too. I think part of the attraction was some of that fire and man thing that happens all the times at barbecues all over the world!

Firepits at Chelsea Flower show.jpg
Firepits at Chelsea Flower show.jpg

There was one though that got more attention than the rest, and it was this one, which can also be used to grill your burgers and sausages. Hmm, a multi-tasking man device...

Firepits at Chelsea Flower show.jpg

I think at some point a sturdy iron fire pit could be going on our wish list. It comes with a metal cover too, so you know it'll be fire safe and is designed to be kept outside, so we won't need to find any over-wintering room in the shed. 

2. And then surprisingly, hostas

I was surprised by this one as he doesn't like hostas. I do and we have some in our garden, the ones we have are quite plain, have a waxier leaf and small pink flowers fairly early in the year. At one point I even said to him "but you don't like hostas" and his reply? Yes I know, but these are nice and haven't been chewed by the snails. I think I could be winning him over with hostas.

hostas at the chelsea flower show.jpg

This apparently was the attraction:

Hostas at the Chelsea Flower Show.jpg

3. And finally Tree Ferns

Ever since we lost a favourite forsythia which when in flower was vibrant and visible from the house we've toyed with the idea of replacing it with a tree fern. Somehow though a pale pink wiegela has moved there instead; well actually I moved it there when we did the patio a few years back, and gave away a couple of large parts of it where the root broke as we dug it up.

tree ferns at the chelsea flower show.jpg

I discovered MOH loitering by this large tree fern, and ferns are lovely and would bring some height, drama and structure to any garden - but they're not cheap. In fact at Chelsea prices I think we'd struggle to afford the one shown below, let alone anything larger!

tree ferns at the chelsea flower show.jpg

But as he was surveying it from every angle possible, I thought I'd use my time wisely and capture some ferns that looked ready to unfurl. And then I really did want to get over to the allium stand and check them out!

Fern love at the Ideal Home Show.jpg

So there you go the three things that MOH was taken with at Chelsea - he didn't do too badly did he? And we did even better to emerge without buying any of them!