Word of the week: Habit

This week has been one of those post-holiday weeks where you can't quite remember or get back into your pre-holiday routine. There's been plenty of washing, there always is after a couple of weeks away isn't there? But there's also been some holiday habits that we've continued, so that's why I've chosen habit as my word this week. 


Our breakfasts on holiday were much grander affairs than when we're at home, and consisted of several visits to the buffet table - well, we were on holiday. We got into the habit of having fresh fruit alongside our muesli and yogurt. And since we've been home there's been plenty of strawberries and raspberries from the garden and the allotment that have made it easy to keep this up. 



The bread on holiday was good as well, fresh rolls covered in pumpkin seeds as well as the pretzels which were more like very nice bagels. And it reminded me that life's too short to eat rubbish bread and I promised myself that I'd make some bagel/pretzels and rolls once I was home and have a supply in the freezer. It's something I've yet to do, but it'll be a good habit to get into. 

When we're away we don't watch TV even though there's often one where we stay. And to be honest we don't miss it. Since we've been back we've continued to watch less TV, often not turning the telly-box on until gone 9pm. It's easier of course with the weather being nicer - long may that continue! - as we've been spending more time outside and it's another new habit I'm happy for us to keep.  

See holidays are good for you! How's week been? 

The Reading Residence