Word of the week: Lists

This week I found myself umming and ahhing between a few words - it could have been excited, or planning or anticipation as I've definitely experienced all of those, but thinking about it again for all of those feelings or activities there's been a list, or two... 


In exciting news we've finally got to the top of the council's allotment waiting list - and I've got the key now too. I've been over to measure the size of our plot and again with some pallets that I managed to acquire legitimately from one of the shops in the Village.



It wasn't until my third trip there yesterday that I finally got to work, and I'm glad the weather's changed because that first visit I got a tad wet while wielding my trusty tape measure. Sheltering under the tree didn't work so in that moment I decided we will be getting a shed at some point - we'd been undecided up to that point!

And of course now I know the dimensions of the plot and where the immoveable things are - like the crab apple tree, which way is north and other such important things, I can now make a plan. And so I did. Along with a list of things that need doing, some of them before we go away. Tomorrow is pencilled in for a full blown allotment day to make that happen, so keep your fingers crossed for nice weather (and definitely less of the wind we've been having lately please!)

There was more excitement and anticipation ahead of our holiday. There was also a whole other batch of lists - things to do before we go, last minute things to get, what to pack, what needs washing and no doubt more which I'll think of hopefully before we go!

And with some time away I've made yet another list to make sure things tick over here on my blog while we're pedalling up and down the hills of Bavaria. I expect there'll be some internet in some places - or at least I'm hoping so - so I'll still be able to spam you with holiday photos on social media!

Even with all these lists, I suspect there'll still be something I've forgotten or haven't thought of yet, but as long as it's nothing major I'm sure I'll cope!