Word of the week: Chock-full

It's been a busy week here and one that's been crammed and full-to-the-limit of interesting and enjoyable experiences; and rather than just choose a word like busy, I've opted for something more unusual and informal.   


Last Saturday we were over at the allotment constructing a compost bin from pallets and making use of the old dilapidated wooden bench on our plot. The one that neither of us dare sit on in case it collapsed. It's been a while since I've used my woodwork skills, and to be fair MOH did most of it with my supervision of course, but it was good fun. It's surprising though how quickly the time goes while we're on the plot, and there's still so much to do but I was rather pleased with how our new compost bin turned out:



Sunday we headed over to Box Hill in Surrey with MOH's bike on the back of the car so he could cycle on some roads on the route of the Prudential Ride 100 and get some practice in for cycling up those hills. While he was doing that I followed the Stepping Stones walk which takes you down the hill to the River Mole, across and up the steep South Scarp of Box Hill. It was just as steep as I remembered from our family outings of yester-year! I'll be sharing photos from my walk and of the Old Fort early next week. 

I've had a couple of handymen round to price some small repair jobs in the porch and the spare bedroom after a couple of leaks, which we're now certain are fixed. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done soon so I can get both those decorated and finished. 

In the garden I've painted some pre-loved iron garden chairs which I bought on eBay a while back. I've even braved my sewing machine and made a start on the cushions. When I bought the material I thought the circular cushions would look great with piping around the edges. It hadn't dawned on me until now, that I'd not done that before and I was doing the sewing...

With the help of the Internet I've done ok, but have run out of bias binding so have come to a halt. Once again the Internet came to my rescue and I'm hoping replenishments will be arriving through the letterbox soon.  



I've had a day in town and went along to my first press preview events with Alessi and Creative Tops. It was great to see both of their new Autumn-Winter ranges although it was a bit odd to see all the Christmas stuff in July. I hope to share more from these events here on the blog, but probably not for a month or so.  

I met up with friends and former colleagues for yet more leaving drinks and it was lovely to see everyone, but boy was it warm. As I said to them I'm not used to wearing proper clothes and shoes all day, and yes that brought some looks and some suggestions!

Even when I changed into my flats (I mostly always carry a spare pair of shoes in my handbag) my feet were still aching.  When I looked at my step counter the next morning I understood why - I'd taken nearly sixteen thousand steps and quite a large chunk of those must have been in heels. Ouch! 

So yes, my week's been chock-full, how has yours been? 

The Reading Residence