Word of the week: Melting

Yes, this week my word of the week is weather related. Sorry about that, but it has really dominated the week hasn't it? 


You'll know yourself just how hot it's been, and how humid. This week I've really missed the opportunity to be in a nice cool air conditioned office! At one point on Wednesday I did consider walking round to our local Simply Food just to stand in their oh-so-cold chiller aisles, but that would have involved a) walking to the local parade of shops and b) shutting the majority of doors and windows I'd opened, so it didn't happen.  

It's been unusually warm in our house too, which isn't something I'm used to. It's an old house with thick walls and usually it keeps its cool, even when you're trying to warm it up. This week though it's regularly reached temperatures of 28 degrees, and that's with windows open on every floor and the conservatory doors flung open. MOH's comment of us struggling to get it past 22 degrees in the depth of winter was actually very true.

And while I've been melting I haven't been very productive; I was more so yesterday when it cooled down but most of the things I've tackled this week haven't been strenuous and most have involved being on the PC or having a kindle in my hand. Not that I've been sunbathing, despite being a sun lover I've been under the parasol trying (and failing) to keep my cool. The problem for me has been the humidity - I'm just not good at breathing in hot air. Ahem - yes, but comments on that aren't required, thank you.

The weather has meant digging on the allotment has stopped for a bit - not only is it too hot, the ground's rock hard!  I suspect though even with the two brief downpours we had here yesterday it hasn't changed much - but I really need to get digging as I've got plants ready to be planted out and I'm running out of room for them here. So in that respect I'd welcome a change in the weather.

How have you been coping with our mini-heatwave?

The Reading Residence