Word of the week: Bottom

Erm, yes. And I do mean the one you first thought of and not something more comedic like Rik Mayall or cultured like A Midsummer Night's Dream. This week you see I've either been sitting around on my bottom or most definitely not sitting around on my bottom. There's been no in-between...


The week started with another trip to Box Hill so MOH could try another cycle route in the area ahead of the Ride100 which is this Sunday (eek!)  On that, if you're reading this and know MOH and have some spare cash to hand, he'd really appreciate some sponsorship. He's raising money for a small charity called Get Kids Going who give disabled children and young people the opportunity to take part in sport - here's a link to his sponsorship page - thank you.

While he was cycling up and down Box Hill I navigated the narrow Surrey lanes in the car and headed to Polesden Lacey. It was my first visit there and I spent some time wandering around the formal gardens before heading into the house just as it started to rain - excellent timing on my part.  It's a beautiful place and I'm sure I didn't even scratch the surface of what's there in my short visit. I'm pretty sure though I'll be going back with MOH in tow to explore some more. I'll be sharing the photos from my visit here soon, so look out for those.

Sunday was completely different. And so was the weather. So there was much sitting around. 

We had a handyman in to do some small repair jobs so were limited on what we could do. It was great to get those jobs done as it means that I'll be able to crack on and get our spare room and our tiny porch decorated.  Once he'd gone and we'd cleared up, it was time to sit down and watch the Grand Prix which was shortly followed by the closing stage of the Tour de France. Sometimes it's a tough life being a sports fan.

Monday saw the start of my Jury Service in Southwark. That also meant an early start for me. For the first time in absolutely ages I found myself on the 8.02 to London Bridge. I'm not known for my early mornings and let's be honest it was rare for me to get this train even when I was working! 

I'm not going to say much about Jury Service but let me tell you there's a lot of sitting around and that's really where my word of the week has come from. Don't get me wrong I think it's important to do your civil duty and I'm quite a fan of sitting around, but I've found this kind of sitting around quite frustrating. There's fifty or so potential jurors sitting in a room just waiting, no doubt all of them with something else they could be doing.  The fact that there's no wifi available doesn't help, but on the plus side my Kindle has come into its own and I've made lots of headway with my reading list, including a book that I was struggling to get into.

I did get into one of the courts and was sworn in as a juror, but that was short lived. In that short time though it was nice to get to sit somewhere else for a while. And surprisingly the wooden juror benches (similar to church pews) were more comfortable than the easy chairs in the jurors room.

So after three days of enforced sitting about on my bottom - which I'm sure has contributed to an even wider that part of my body - I was pleased to learn that I wasn't needed for the last two days of the week. I may need to go back next week and I'm sure I'll manage but I'm relishing these two days and am making sure I'm doing anything but sitting on my bottom.  

And if I am it's through choice and there's more than likely some wifi close by!