Word of the week: Decorating

This week has been dominated by our spare room, as we've finally gotten around to decorating in there. So it's an obvious choice for my word of the week this week.


Our decorating week started with fixing the batten for our new blind. This also involved several test runs of putting the blind up to check the brackets were in the right place and to see what it looked like!  And then it was down again so the work could start in earnest.

I spent almost a whole day sorting through the contents of the room and moving it temporarily up a flight of stairs to the room above. There were some things, like the futon and some bookcases that I needed help with, but we got it all moved out. It was strange to see the room so empty, especially as this was the room that we used to store pretty much everything in when we tackled our Phase 1 large-scale redecoration project. 

We started with the floor taking up the carpet and the hardboard underneath, all the time hoping the floorboards would be good enough to sand and leave bare. We think they are and that's our plan, as we've a nice rug that would look good in there on top of the newly sanded and varnished floorboards. We've wooden floors throughout the rest of the house, except for carpet in our bedroom and tiled floors in the bathrooms, so it won't look out of place.

With the floor done as far as we could, the next job was washing the walls and filling in holes. Thankfully around this time I found plenty of things elsewhere in the house to keep me occupied and left MOH to it. I know from experience that we have a different approach to DIY and while I know it's all in the preparation, I'd much prefer to get on and decorate. So now I leave MOH to it, and I must say he does it well.

With the ceiling and walls ready for paint I made a reappearance only to discover that the roller we had didn't fit any of the roller handles we had. Cue a sharpish visit to a big DIY shop before they shut to remedy that so we could give the ceiling a coat of paint that evening.

Now we're waiting to hear from the people that will do the floor so it's at a mini-standstill but I hope it'll start moving again next week.  It actually needs to as we've got family staying at the end of the month!

It seems though that we're not the only one that's decorating, as I type this our neighbour is doing, what sounds like sanding his floors... Now there's a thought, I wonder how much he charges?!

The Reading Residence