Word of the week: Progress

This week work has continued with our decorating and we have, thankfully, made good progress. So it's another easy choice for me this week.


The ceiling has had its second coat and is looking good; once again I was tasked with the cutting in while MOH wielded the roller on a stick across the ceiling. And if I'm honest I think I preferred my task, even though there was much stepping up and down and repositioning the ladder.  

There's also been progress on the old carpet that we'd put outside by our bins. To start with there were four pieces, of varying sizes and throughout the week people came along and helped themselves until there was only a small square left, and the bin men took that when they collected the other rubbish. So as well as it being progress, it's actually a right result as we were wondering how we were going to get rid of it, and I hope the people that took it find it useful.

Now if someone would come along and help themselves to the hardboard that's replaced it, that would be helpful...

The biggest progress we've made though, is finding someone to sand the floor (and no, it wasn't our neighbour!) Even better was that they could fit us in at short notice, so on Wednesday this week I decamped to the garden while the work took place. They said there wouldn't be much dust and they were right, phew.





As you can see, they've done a good job.  Although why on earth anyone would lay three types of wood on one floor is beyond me.  Ah well, we're calling it "characterful."


Today I'll be painting the woodwork which MOH rubbed down the other night. There's a trip to Ikea scheduled to pick up some new glossy storage units - we know how to live on a Friday night - and no doubt I'll be playing that game of how to pack everything into my Clio for a while once we've paid and escaped the store!

After we've painted the walls, then there's still getting everything back into the room - but I'm confident now, with the progress we've made that we'll be ready for when our guests arrive the following weekend.

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence