An old-fashioned card shop

Just around the corner from me, by the busy bus stops there's an unassuming shop that sells greeting cards and gifts.  Many people I'm sure probably don't notice it and it's only in the past year or so that I've been in there myself, but it's a real gem and in it you'll be able to find a card for whatever occasion you want, I'm sure.

The window display is traditional but when I learnt the lady that runs the shop was ninety - she proudly told me - and that she's run this shop for the past forty years, that's not surprising. There are cards for every occasion and a lot of them, and if you can't find what you're after you're soon pointed in the right direction and provided with a vast array from those on display and from more stored in prettily covered storage boxes. 

For me it's like being a kid in a sweet shop.  Or perhaps that should be a paper fiend in a treasure trove!

These notebooks were cute and reasonably priced too at just 55p each and one may just have made it's way into my purchases.

Inside it's pretty traditional too, but that's reassuring I think. It's not a busy shop - sadly - but today when I visited in search of a wedding card there were a couple of other people in the shop, all equally enjoying the delights inside.

There are modern ranges of cards too, and so many styles to choose from.

But apart from its old-fashionedness and its beautiful cards what else sets it apart is its paper bags. They're proper paper bags which if you're anything like me will use again either for making cards of my own or for storing craft supplies.

And I found the card I was after, and at £1.65 it was a bargain too - and that's another reason to love this old-fashioned card shop.

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