A ride on the cable car from North Greenwich

Ahead of competing in the Ride London, MOH needed to register at Excel and collect his rider number for the big day. There was also an exhibition for participants there and wondering what on earth it was all about I decided to tag along. This post isn't about that though, it's my journey over the Thames on the cable car.

So if you've not been on it (or even if you have) please come along for the ride...

The Emirates Air Line operates between North Greenwich and the Royal Victoria DLR station. Cabins arrive every 30 seconds and flights take approximately ten minutes each way. The cabins are easy to board, even I find them easy and this is from the person who stands there swinging her leg trying to get onto a boat (not the sort with gangplanks though, I'm fine with those).

Soon after leaving the terminal building, you'll see a fab piece of art on the left which is larger than it looks.

I'll not lie, it does go quite high - but just look at the design on the supports (not sure if that is the correct name for them) and the mechanics. Amazing hey? 

You get a pretty amazing view of East London.

And of the cabins heading south.  

It's a bit like being on a boat - everyone waves at each other! Ok, maybe not everyone but a lot of people do...

And before long you're heading down towards the Royal Victoria docks, and touching down in East London with its DLR, its beach (with some clever advertising from Nakhon Thai - see below), the cruise liner hotel moored by Excel and no doubt much, much more. 

So there you have it, a journey on London's cable car - what did you think?  Have you been on this already, or will you now?