Word of the week: Cardboard

Well it's been quite a week. And it's one that's been dominated by cardboard. At one point I seriously thought it was breeding...


After the Ikea visit last Friday night where we just about got everything we bought into my Clio and decanted it temporarily into our kitchen, we had an influx of the stuff.  MOH put the four units together over the weekend and I was responsible for making up the door inserts, all twelve of them. And folding up the cardboard.

By this point we'd amassed two bag fulls of the stuff.  Just look:

And it didn't end there.

With the units up and ready for filling, I was able to empty lots more of the boxes, some of which hadn't been unpacked since Phase 1 - hello shoes, it's nice to see you again!  And as I now have somewhere to store my shoes (more on that another day!) I've been able to get rid of a lot of shoe boxes too.  More cardboard, this time for the recycling bin.

I took one bagful over to the allotment and used that to stuff down the insides of the pallet compost bin, in much the same way as I did with newspapers before.  

But still there's more.

At last count yesterday evening as well as the remaining bag, I've another boxful of folded up cardboard ready to use at the allotment. I acquired two new-to-me pallets to make another compost bin during the week, but with the rain we've not been able to do anything with them.  

I'll be running up the garden (hopefully not in the rain) with these later today to store them in the shed until we're ready for more cardboard at the allotment.

And this week I think my recycling bin, although full, will be one of the neatest packed recycling bins on the street.  This time it's not OCD, it's just so I can get everything in!

And we met our deadline and got the spare bedroom decorated with time to spare ahead of it's first use this weekend. Phew!

How was your week?

The Reading Residence