Staying at the Griesbräu brewery in Murnau

We arrived in Murnau by bike having cycled 27km from Bad Bayersoien (read more about our cycle and the stop at the lake)  - this was the hotel I was looking forward to, and I wasn't disappointed. Their website says it's a place "where Beer is fun!" I'm not sure about fun, but I was rather partial to the dark, dunkel beer.  

We received a warm welcome and were invited to leave our bikes in the breakfast room.  We didn't know then but that was because of a function in the beer hall, the usual storage place. 

We headed through the beer garden courtyard and towards our room, but not before a glimpse into the Brauhaus area.



Now that looked interesting and I knew I'd be back here with my camera to explore further.  But first onto our room, which was on the top floor of the accommodation block, the window on the left in the photo below.



Despite it being on the top floor, the room was the coolest hotel room we stayed in on our trip. And I mean temperature wise, although the decor was modern and pretty cool too.

Throughout the corridors in the hotel area there were plenty of quirky additions, here's just some of them - my favourite is the handsome chap top right.

We ate in the Bierstube restaurant our first evening, which served an a la carte menu and provided a quieter and more formal area. It too retained some character and artefacts from the brewery.

The next evening we ate in the more informal and relaxed Brauhaus. And it was here that I ate my first German Pork Knuckle, which was huge. When it was served it was cut in half, and I thought it was be portioned. But no, it was being cut to make it easier to eat, and both halves were on my plate. It tasted fantastic and I managed to eat the lot, which I'm putting down to all the cycling activity!  

When I could move again I grabbed my camera and went to take a look around.

If I hadn't already been sold on this place, then this area would have converted me. It had a relaxed, informal style with plenty of artefacts but also clearly still part of a working brewery.

So if you're ever planning a trip to Bavaria and Murnau is on your itinerary then I can't recommend this place highly enough. It's a place I'd stay in again, and if/when we go back to Bavaria, I'll be trying to squeeze in a visit even if it's just for one (or two or more) of their dunkel brews.  In fact I enjoyed our stay here so much, I'm tempted to arrange another cycling trip around another more northern German brewery. Thinking ahead I picked up a booklet of possibles while we were there!

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