Word of the week: Free!

This week my word mostly reflects my emotions yesterday when I was released from Jury Service, but I'll come onto that in a moment. 


Last weekend we'd kept Saturday free, with nothing too much planned. It was the day before race day for MOH in the Ride London 100 and after months of preparation neither of us wanted to do anything that would spoil the big day.  

There was an early start on Sunday, with a 4:30am alarm call. Closely followed by what is likely to remain my earliest bike ride ever an hour later. Having safely deposited MOH at the cable car in North Greenwich, I was free to cycle home, briefly recover before heading off into town to cheer him as he cycled past.  I saw him twice along the route and the tracking app - aka The Husband Tracker - came into its own and saved me a wasted trip to Kingston. 

MOH finished the ride in nine hours, a slower time than he'd hoped for but he was pleased nonetheless. There'd been delays around the route, especially at Leith Hill where one cyclist had needed urgent medical care. He tells me that he has to do it again next year now to do the time he'd hoped for...

Monday I was free from Jury Service and that was probably just as well as it seemed sitting on the ground In Wimbledon for all those hours hadn't agreed with me. My legs were as stiff as if I'd cycled the hundred miles, but thankfully they'd eased by the next day.

Tuesday I was back to sitting around in the Jurors room again. And after three days away it was no better, mostly because there was still little activity in the courts and because of being restricted in what we could do. I did get called for another case and this one went ahead, we heard the evidence, deliberated and delivered our verdict and the defendant is far from being my word of the week!

Over lunchtimes I escaped the Jurors room and explored the surrounding area to find somewhere green to eat my sarnies, which was thankfully easier than you'd think. There's more green pockets than you imagine in London. I wandered along to the Elephant & Castle and onto the Imperial War Museum where I stumbled upon the Tibetan Peace Garden. I didn't have enough time to make it into the museum but it's now on my list to go back and visit. 


Yesterday I was released from Jury Service after another day sitting and waiting. You don't know how pleased that made me, so along with a few of the other Jurors I headed to the pub over the road to celebrate. In the past fortnight I've attended court for just six days, but it's felt so much longer than that!

And today is about catching up with the things I could have been doing intstead of sitting around aimlessly, which includes emptying our spare room so we can start the decorating. Wish me luck!


The Reading Residence