Word of the week: Rewarding

It's been a very rewarding and productive week here, so I've gone with the obvious and chosen rewarding as my word this week.


The week started with heading off to Blogstock - a bloggers festival - over in Elstree. I wasn't sure what to expect and I'm not sure MOH was that keen at all to be honest. But it was great and I picked up so much information, a lot of which is still percolating at the moment but I'm sure I'll put an action plan together before too long.

There was lots to do there and everyone was so friendly too. It was pretty chilly, actually it was pretty cold and I'm so glad I booked into the hotel nearby, but at least it didn't rain. There were five streams and it was impossible to do everything. It was a steep learning curve for MOH, who when we arrived had to double check the name of my blog "to get it right" and halfway through the next day he asked me what SEO was. That made me smile, and I thought to myself that he got there quick!

Sunday we headed home and as it was a nice day we headed over to the allotment to put up another pallet compost bin and to start some weeding. The second compost bin was for leaf mould which I'll use to improve the soil over there. I also managed to use up most of that cardboard, by folding it and stuffing it in-between the pallets to insulate my compost as it rots.

After a week in Norfolk and then heading straight to Blogstock, Monday was all about the washing. I managed to get a load out on the line and it almost dried too, a quick blast in the dryer meant that I didn't have washing draped around the house.  While doing the washing isn't itself rewarding, it is rewarding to see the pile go down!

Tuesday I headed into town and spent some time at the Good Housekeeping Institute with Ball Preserving UK making some blackberry and lime jam. It tasted great, well I had to try some on a scone with some clotted cream. It would have been rude not too!



I also tasted the spicy tomato salsa and a courgette relish, both of which were very tasty and they're definitely going on my to make list. I hope to get out and pick some blackberries this weekend too, so there could be more jam on the cards.

I've been in denial about summer being almost over and autumn hurtling towards us, so I thought I'd try and keep summer going for as long as I can, even though I love the autumn colours and the food autumn brings. I spent some time on Wednesday planning and setting up a seasonal linky for bloggers - I've called it #SummerWas and it's for all summer posts and will be live on Monday, so I'd love it if you would pop back and join in.

Pleased that it was nice again that afternoon I decided that more weeding was needed so I was back over the allotment in the sun. I hope the cabbages and the purple sprouting broccoli appreciate it. They've done well at growing with very little intervention from me, isn't nature wonderful?



There were more tomatoes to pick, some more to turn red and more beans on the way.  I've been clearing out the space used by the squash and the broad beans so we can plant some autumn-planting potatoes, garlic and onion sets. They'll need to go in soon but I've a bit more work to do before that can happen, and there is the small matter of clearing the rest of the allotment too.



Thursday I was out again and heading over to the Acton Park Studios for a pre-launch party of the Craft TV Channel which launches on Monday. I'll share more about that over the weekend and while there'll be some selly-telly (that's a proper term I'll have you know), there'll also be plenty of craft magazine-type programmes. 

It'll be available on Sky, FreeSat and Freeview and initially I thought I'd miss out, but then I remembered we've got a non-cable TV in our bedroom so I should be ok after all - and I'll be able to watch from the comfort of my bed! It'll be interesting to see it live after spending some time on the set.

Today I'm off out again meeting up with two of my good friends for lunch. As I said, it's been a rewarding week. How's your's been?

The Reading Residence