Word of the week: Timing

This week it's been all about being in the right place at the right time, so I've chosen timing as my word this week, because it's been all about that.


Last weekend we went to OnBlackheath both days so there was some frantic checking of the timings of various bands by MOH to ensure we arrived at the optimum time. I'm not big on music so I was happy to go with the flow. Actually, that's not true I don't mind music, I'm just not big on matching songs and people to bands...

MOH asked before we set off Saturday if I knew any of the Manic's songs. Erm, nope!  Actually it turned out I knew three songs - don't ask me which, as I've no idea. I think one was a cheat though as it was the theme to M*A*S*H and I knew it from the TV programme.

We left Saturday evening as Elbow finished their set - and yes, like a lot of people we thought it was odd they headlined rather than the Manics. We left so we made it to the Chinese takeaway before it shut - important timings there.

On Sunday after breakfast and a barbecued brunch we were back on the heath again. Madness were headlining and I'd definitely heard of them, I even knew their songs!  And Chris Holland was there too, so when Madness finished we just had time to see his band, and arrived in time to see Roland Gift do a few songs, some of which I knew. I think it was more my era.

Monday was more of day at home and finding time to fit in all the chores and blogging tasks that a weekend enjoying myself meant. The timings were all about trying to fit everything in. I launched a bloggers linky, called #SummerWas to help me hang onto summer for just a little bit longer. It's not too late to link-up so if you've got any summer posts old or new, it'd be lovely to see you.



Tuesday saw an appointment in Sidcup, followed by lunch in the City and a visit to the Geffrye museum in Shoreditch. Quite a busy day then and one that wasn't helped by the volume of traffic and unexpected road closures, which meant ditching the car and arriving on foot to make sure I was at my appointment on time.  

Lunch was supposed to be a very large pizza, but with unbelievable timing the pub was having its ovens replaced, so there was no pizza. A change of pub and pizza was replaced by a very tasty Ham, Egg and Chips.

After lunch I wandered up to Shoreditch and around the Geffrye museum - the museum of the home. It's housed in some Almshouses, which have been knocked through to create a large space. A fascinating place and I'll have a post on that soon, but until then here's a glimpse at the pretty garden room, set aside for reading with books and magazines on hand.

There's a cafe and a shop too, and while I didn't make use of the cafe, I didn't escape the charms of the shop and I'll be sharing what I bought there on Sunday, taking part in #SundayStationary so pop back then for a look at what I couldn't leave behind.

Wednesday saw timings of a different sort. It was all about timing it right to miss the rain. Mostly I did, but not totally. Even I had to concede that Autumn was here and wore boots. Boots. In September.

Then yesterday was a lovely day. Too lovely to be inside so I got the bike out and headed down towards the Thames Path looking for some blackberries to forage. My timing wasn't great blackberry-wise, some were dried up, some weren't ready yet and only a few were ripe and ready for picking. But there is hope, the further away I got the better the blackberries were, so now I've a plan to head out again with MOH at the weekend. I picked a tub of blackberries, so it wasn't a complete loss. 

Before coming home I stopped off at the allotment to check up on things there. I left with a kilo of ripe tomatoes (and more to come), a bag of runner beans, french beans, some apples that had blown off the small tree, some crab apples and a cabbage that the local slugs and snails were feasting on. I decided that as it had little chance of making it through the winter we might as well as eat it rather than the slimy monsters.

When I set off for home the basket on my bike was so full that I decided to take the more direct, but busier route home. Then when I got home I could only just lift my bike up the front step. But it's great to have such a harvest in our first few months as allotmenteers.

Today, I'm hoping to make some time to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine as I've a feeling it's not going to be so nice as yesterday and autumn will be back.  And of course later, the Rugby World Cup starts so we'll be looking at the timings of the matches and watching as much as we can.

What have you been up to this week?

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