There's a brand new Katie Alice collection for Autumn/Winter out soon

Back in July I was invited along to the Good Housekeeping Institute to see the new Katie Alice range, which is launching soon. To be honest, I'd not heard of Katie Alice (sorry KA!) but I was keen to go along to the GHI and after some internet research, which showed that I'd been missing a crockery trick or two,  I thought it would be rude to turn this invitation down.

I should say before we go much further that pastels aren't really my thing.

But I did like these.

The range has a vintage feel to it and it's not too twee. There I said it.

The mix and match approach also appealed to me. I like things that coordinate without, well without being too match-y. I was also very tempted to have one of those French Fancies - I haven't had one of those for ages - but I didn't! 

I also spent quite a bit of time talking to Katie Alice learning where she takes her inspiration from and her design process. She's really lovely and has some fab photos on her Instagram feed.

What do you think of the new range?  I'm a fan and as well as the mix and match approach those auriculas also helped.



At the same event there were a few of the existing Katie Alice ranges on display as well as others under the Creative Tops umbrella. 

The range above and on the right is called Highland Fling and I think you  can see why.

This navy blue Mikasa Cocoon range also looked good and to me has a sense of the Orient about it.

This cheese plates and boards were great too - they're from the Cheese Gourmet range, I already have one the Camembert dishes and while it doesn't get used that often it's way too pretty to put in a cupboard and it proudly sits on my dresser.

And apologies in advance for this range - yes it's a Christmas range. The Katie Alice range on the right below has some new additions, and I think we all need some Christmas cupcake cases.

The other range that was being showcased was the la Cafetiere range. The Pisa Cafetiere (shown in the photo on the right below) has been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, which means it was the top performer in their rigorous tests. So as well as looking good, you can be sure it works well too.  And lots of items in this range would make the perfect present - whether that's for the season I mentioned above or for another occasion.

I'm a big fan of having crockery for different occasions, and let's face it anyone with a dishwasher needs more than the standard set or otherwise it's just not efficient to run. And while MOH is keen to top up our Denby range, I'm tempted to go for something prettier. What do you think?

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