Love this #61: Making a triangle pouch, or two...

A while back I stumbled upon this tutorial showing how to make a Triangle Pouch and bookmarked it for a later date. In fact I was so taken with them that I even bought some zips for the day that I felt the urge to make one. For some reason I have five zips, so perhaps I was anticipating a surge of demand for triangle pouches, who knows...

I've made two so far...

The second much quicker than the first and with less unpicking too, so that's something. The tutorial was clear, it was just my novice sewer experience that slowed me down.

The finished pouches are about 4 inches in size and they don't take that much material at all, so they're great as a scrap-buster project. The largest piece of material you need is for the lining, and that's only 8.5 inches x 4.5 inches.

  • With the four strips sewn together, and the seams pressed I was starting to see what my triangular pouch might look like.
  • The tutorial uses fusible wadding, but I clearly hadn't read that far before I started and didn't have any. So I improvised with a thin layer of non-fusible wadding. It seemed to work, but I did add extra rows of stitches on the outer edges to keep it in place. 
  • With the wadding trimmed, it was time for the clever bit. And that's to cut it in half and turn it round to form the pattern. Easy huh?
  • I got the zip in too - although I was lazy and didn't change to the zipper foot. With some strategic zipping and unzipping I managed. It's the first time I've done a zip for a very long time, and while my stitching isn't super straight I'm pleased with it and myself.
  • After the zip and some checks to make sure the lining was showing as I expected, then it was time to start assembling the triangle.
  • The bottom seam was sewn, and the ribbon in place - I learnt from my first try to pin it to the right side, so it didn't pop inside. It's not much use having a handy ribbon holder on the inside was it?
  • And then before I knew it, two were done. Cute aren't they?
  • I've got three more zips, so I think there'll be some more. And who knows, I might even buy some more zips!

They are pretty cute, and I've no idea what I'll use mine for. The other one's for my mum - she'll know which one is hers.