Word of the week: Peppy

Yes Peppy. Not a word I've used a lot before, but it's one I think I could be using more. It's an informal word meaning energetic, vivacious, lively and I really have had the peppiest of weeks!


It was one that started with the return of summer weather, which is always welcome! So after some pottering around Saturday morning - that's what the best Saturday morning's are made for right, we decided to take advantage of the weather and tackle some gardening. After filling the trugs quite a few times, the jasmine at the back is under control again and a rampant vine which had appeared from our neighbours and climbed almost to the top of our cherry tree has been tamed. There were quite a few trips back and forth emptying those trugs into the green bin, and actually most of those were delegated to MOH.

Sunday was another nice day so we headed out on our bikes, stopping off in the Bow Creek Cafe for brunch again before cycling towards the Woolwich Foot tunnel to return to the south side. As we got there we spotted a ferry arriving so instead opted to take the boat across the Thames instead. Quite an experience and cycling off the boat in front of the cars certainly gave me an incentive to get up the ramp pretty sharpish!

Back on dry land we turned left and headed east along the Thames Path in search of more blackberries. Again with mixed results, although along with the ones I'd already picked it wasn't so bad - there's enough for some jam! There still seems quite a lot of unripened berries there so I think our timing was wrong. As always the cycle home is uphill and for the second time my chain decided to pop off. It's becoming quite the thing and while it's not appreciated, at least we're getting quicker at putting it back on again. It was also a reminder that I hadn't bought the muliti-tool I promised myself so that if I needed to I could fix this myself.  And yes, it's now been ordered and delivered safely, so no doubt my chain will stay in place now!

Monday the rain was back and I was heading over to Syon Park in Brentford to see the new ranges from Prestigious Textiles. It meant a train into London and then out again, but it was pretty easy and the fact I knew where I was going helped - we went there last year to see the Enchanted Woodland. I had a great afternoon seeing the new ranges and hearing how the designs are sourced and where the inspiration comes from. I'll share more from my visit in a separate post, and I'm already sure there'll be at least a couple of craft projects on the back of this.

Tuesday I had the porch decorated. A few weeks back we had a decorator here building a cupboard around the meter and fuse board. Now the walls and ceiling have been freshened up too and it's ready for the next stage. That's where I think those Prestigious Textiles-based craft projects will come in, but for now I'm very pleased with my small beige porch.



Wednesday was the busiest day of the week and it started early with a shopping delivery. And wouldn't you know it, the time I choose an early slot I'm first on the delivery list. Then I was off into town to see some of the London Design Festival exhibitions. I started off at Somerset House seeing amongst other things the Ten Designers and then I headed over to Olympia for a browse around 100%Design. I fell in love with a couple of things there and I hope they're picked up by the retailers. Again more posts to come, but my day wasn't over yet.

In the afternoon I headed over to Stratford, heading straight there from Olympia on the London Overground. Yes it was slow, but I had a seat and could read my book so I didn't notice. I met MOH and we headed to the Olympic Stadium to watch France vs Romania. I have said quite publicly that I'm French (apart from when I'm English) for this tournament.  We were sitting amongst quite a few French supporters and MOH turned to me during La Marseillaise and told me I shouldn't be singing it. I wasn't actually singing it, how could I I don't know the words - but I did perhaps hum the tune!

Yesterday was a much less adventurous day, but it involved a fair bit catching up online and making some courgette vanilla cupcakes. Yes courgette - I wanted to try something different to the more usual chocolate courgette cake, and these are different. They're also a fat-free version and I think if anything are sweeter than usual cakes. There was supposed to be icing on top, but I'm not sure they'll be around for that long.

And today I'm off back into town to see what else of London Design Festival I can see. 

So yes, it's been quite a peppy week for me, how about you?

The Reading Residence