Styling the Seasons: September

This is the first time I've joined in with Styling the Seasons that Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots run each month.  I've read lots of their posts and those of others that take part all the time thinking that my posts would never match any of those. But this month when I read Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely's post she inspired me to give it a go, mainly because if I'm not trying to style my photographs then I'm not going to get any better at it.

So off we go...

The prompt for September - and yes, I'm only just scraping in - is vintage, that was another push to join in. That and autumn being my favourite time for food...

So it's apt that my setting is a chopping board in my kitchen.

For me September is full of tomatoes and blackberries, and this year there's been apples and crab apples from the allotment too. None of those are vintage but they scream September to me.

The vintage items are these bun tins which were my great nan's and I photographed them a while back for the black and white photo project.

The Hovis tin is an original and was a birthday present from my parents. I love how that I can bake Hovis bread, just by using this tin. It's smaller than you think, but it sure holds a lot of tomatoes!

While the books aren't usually in my kitchen, I do regularly have my nose in and out of books during the month deciding just what recipe I'll be using this time round. I've some favourites of course, but it's always nice to try a new chutney recipe.

So far this year there's been blackberry and lime jam and some crab apple jelly. I'm planning some tomato salsa and I'm sure there'll be pasta sauce for the freezer and more, plus some apple compote for breakfasts too.

The cup and sauce are part of a six piece set that I've had for many years, picking them up at a jumble sale of all places. They're pearlescent and pretty and they're great for serving chocolate mousse in. Which reminds me, it's about time MOH made some more of that...

The jar clearly isn't vintage but it's an essential in the kitchen this month with all the preserving and chutney making I'll be doing.

So that's what September means to me, what does it mean to you?