Turning wrapping paper into cards

Remember my visit to the Geffrye museum, where I bought this stunning notebook? Well I also bought this gorgeous wrapping paper there too, with absolutely no intention of using it for wrapping paper, despite how lovely it would be to receive a gift wrapped in this.


I had something else in mind entirely. 

But before I get onto that let me share with you that folded wrapping paper is one of the things I dislike immensely. It's a small thing but one that really annoys me. I didn't want this one rolled either as it would be too awkward to carry and continue to take pictures of the museum (there'll be another post on this at some point), I asked the man in the shop if I could fold the paper myself.

He looked a little bemused by my request but agreed nonetheless and carried on taking my card payment. And I set to work folding it neatly so that none of the "seed packets" had a fold in. Suddenly I was aware I was being watched and I looked up to see the man in the shop watching intently, looking even more bemused than before.

Worried that I'd offended him somehow I asked if everything was ok. Thankfully it was but he said he'd never seen someone fold wrapping paper with such care and precision. I imagine he thought me a right nutter, so I explained that I planned to make some cards with them. I'm not sure this did anything to change his opinion of me, but I was happy that the folds were where I wanted them to be and ready for the project I had in mind.

So far I've only made a few into cards, but there's plenty more to come I'm sure.


Each has a slightly different feel, which I'm happy with. I've experimented with texture on the Watercress and Peas card by adding black and cream tulle as a background. And on the Okra card I've sponged one corner for a bit more interest. I'm pleased with how each of them have turned out, and now I just need to be brave enough to part with them when the time comes!


And you never know I may get all inventive when I eventually send them and add either a few seeds or perhaps a recipe. I'm sure there'd be more that I could add too.  I'd love to know what you think and if you have ideas for complementary inclusions.

The Reading Residence