In Munich's Englischer Garden

After six days of cycling around Bavaria, in Munich we decided to do things differently and set about exploring on foot. I'd planned a hectic schedule - what else - and we had a lot of ground to cover, including a walking tour of the city's historic centre, several beer gardens and much more. There was of course more than we could ever hope to achieve, but we did see a lot of Munich in a short amount of time. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing more of Munich - it's beautiful, you really should go - but today I'm sharing photos from the time we spent wandering around the Englischer Garden. 

It's big. It's among Europe's biggest city parks, bigger than Hyde Park in London and New York's Central Park. We only saw a small part of it, and we did tick off the sights I wanted to see, so let's get on.

We approached it from Prinzregentenstrasse and the first thing I was looking for was the surfers. Yes surfers.


I'd read that there was surfing just past the Haus der Kunst art museum on the River Eisbach. As we entered the English Gardens we kept our eyes peeled and sure enough soon saw someone walk past us in his wetsuit with a surfboard under his arm. 

So it was true.

But it didn't look like we'd found the right spot judging by the pictures above.

We carried on, and were soon distracted by this beautiful red tree on a central island.


We carried on following the river and sure enough we found the surfers. It was the strangest sight and most compelling to watch.


I have many photos from this part of our walk, trying to get the perfect shot and wanting to see how each of them did. It was mesmerising. Soon though MOH suggested we move on, as the next thing on our list was the beer garden and the Chinese Tower.

We'd also lost all sense of direction but headed towards the centre of the park and then alongside the river hoping that we'd work it out. We did soon enough, when a horse and carriage stopped and offered to take us on our way. Declining we headed off the way he'd come, now pretty sure we were on the right tracks.


And we were right, just when we thought we might give in because we'd clearly got very lost we spotted a signpost labelled "Chinesischer Turm" - hoorah!  It was built in the 18th century during the craze for everything oriental.



Not only had we reached the second waypoint on my list, we'd also found Munich's oldest beer garden!  Soon we'd equipped ourselves with beer and currywurst and sat in the sun enjoying the very civilised way to drink beer. And plan our way back towards the centre of Munich.


I'd provisionally planned to see some of the other historic follies in the park, but after a day of walking and now knowing roughly how far it was back they were shelved for the day. 

Quite an enjoyable afternoon - and who'd have thought it, surfers in Munich.  Certainly not me.