My week this week: Remind

January is I think, for me the worst month of the year and this week with its chilly weather has done nothing to convince me otherwise. I think it's the stark contrast to the previous month, which is full of sparkles and glitz that gets to me, and I would quite happily hibernate for the whole month.

Clearly that hasn't happened and nor is it practical, but this week I've been reminding myself of all that is good, so it's a good word to sum up my week.   


You might have seen, but this week on the blog I've been back in Bavaria sharing pictures of the pretty Bavarian town Füssen and of a walk through a sunny Englischer Garden from our trip there last June. It's been good to look back and remember the fun we had and it's been nice to look at warm and sunny photos too. 

Sadly the start of the week saw a family funeral where we celebrated the life of my aunt. A sad occasion yes, but one too that reminded me of how large my extended family is and how everyone comes together at times like this. And of course it was a chance to remember my aunt for each of us, as each of us have different memories. Mine ranged from childhood antics involving broken bones (mine - and a long story) through to more recently connecting with her on Instagram and knowing she read my blog. 

And really that brings me onto aunts generally. They really are good for you - I'm one, and I'm lucky enough to have lots myself - there's that large family again - but over the past few years I've lost four, from all sides of the family. And it's just too many. There's six of ours left, and I'm just saying we'd quite like to hang onto you all for a bit longer yet.  

Some other news this week reminded me of the strong network of friends I'd built through my working life. And while that news isn't mine to share (and just so you know, we think it's good news) it was the kind of news that brought people together, and put a smile on their face. 

And finally, one thing I need to continue to remind myself is to stick with this healthy eating thing. Like many people Christmas was good and my waistline is reflecting that. Healthier eating and more exercise is the way forward, but that's been hard to do especially when we discovered an unopened box of Quality Street in the office this week...


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