Straight to the Bräuhaus

So after almost a week cycling around Bavaria we left Füssen by train and headed back to Munich. It was an easy journey, but long and by the time we arrived the rain that had started as we left had caught us up. Having been cooped up for a good few hours I was keen to stretch my legs, so decided we would walk to our hotel. In the rain. With our luggage.  

We set off confidently, as you do.  And some way down the street found a doorway to shelter and check the map. Whoops. It wasn't the best time to admit we'd walked ten minutes or so in the wrong direction. I wasn't too popular... 

So with a new plan to zig zag our way back towards the centre of town we set off again, this time in the right direction. With a few more stops than before to check the map it wasn't that long before we were making progress. Tired and hungry, and just a little bit damp we arrived at our hotel just a short walk from plenty of Bräuhaus.  

And so there really was only one thing for it. Dry clothes and out for a beer! This was one part of our trip that MOH had researched in advance (code for he read the guide book on the train) and so had a list of options to hand. 

It turned out that we were staying within staggering distance of the Weisses Bräuhaus, which MOH assured me was one of the oldest in Munich and on his list. So that's where we went. 

Munich Brauhaus

With beer and a pretzel ordered we took more time understanding the menu. We had one in English and one in German, I find that helps with being able to order something I know I can eat and with immersing ourselves in the culture of where we are. I can read English menus any day at home and comparing and contrasting it to the German version helped build my (limited) language skills further.  

In the end though we opted for a mixed plate of wurst, or sausages. Another beer and another pretzel, because both are pretty moreish. And then I could admire our surroundings. And people watch.  


There were rumours that the rain had stopped, so we settled our bill and headed out. Otherwise we might easily have stayed put for the rest of the evening and put our "find the hotel" navigation skills to the test, for a second time that day.  

We wandered around the streets, finding some shops with pretty window displays. One it seemed was intent on reminding me of my bike at home. In others stacks upon stacks of bright kitchenware, another wooden boards, another pretty boxes of herb teas.

I had a feeling that I was going to like it here.

Bike Shop Window
Colourful Kitchenware
Wooden boards

I was looking forward to visiting these shops again when they were open. But somehow that didn't happen. I'm not sure whether that was because we never found them again as our wanders took us in different directions, or through some careful and skilful guiding from MOH. He'll claim the latter no doubt, forgetting I know just how bad his sense of direction can be! 

Pretty boxes

Running out of shops we decided to take a wander around some of Munich's streets before heading back to the hotel. We didn't want to do the big sights but more to have a wander and get our bearings and to see what we could see.

Soon enough we saw some interesting architecture. Buildings continued to be painted, but often in bolder colours and some with additional decorations.

Building Ornaments

The roof of this building I thought was particularly stunning, helped I think by the shimmering of the wet tiles from the rain!

Rooftop windows

We found ourselves at this modern building, which turned out to be the Jewish Museum. I liked the contrast of materials used, the textures and of course the bike parked outside. It was another place we didn't make it back to, although we walked close by the next day.

Museum and bike

And so now it was time to find our hotel again. And prepare for more food and the odd beer or two!