Love This #65: Vezzini & Chen, ceramic and glass

Today I'm sharing some fantastic hand carved ceramics and hand blown glass, which paired together are simply outstanding. They're by Vezzini & Chen who met and began working together at the Royal College of Art in London. 

The ceramics are the creations of Cristina Vezzini and Stan Chen is an accomplished glassblower. Together their crafts, material and styles artfully interact producing something that's unusual, but no less beautiful for it.



The lights above have a bone china core and an outer glass dome. When they're lit the light diffuses through the ceramic core and its texture provides even more pattern.  And aren't those matching vases clever too?

What really captured my heart on this stand though at Made London was these glasses. Their website says these show their signature style and I tend to agree. They look huge - always a bonus when wine's concerned - but they're about 13cm high with a diameter of 8-9cm.

I left their stand after speaking with Christina thinking to myself just how clever and creative they both are..