My week this week: Cough

Yes the lurgy has caught up with me this week, most of it has gone now and I'm feeling fine. It's just the cough that is lingering...


At the start of the week I thought sniffles would dominate this week as aches and pains sore throat and a hacking cough appeared out of nowhere.  Keeping warm, sleeping and the odd bit of medication, song with the whiskey we had with our haggis Saturday evening no doubt helped. 

Wanting to keep warm did prompt the long overdue wardrobe switch from summer to winter clothes. Not that I've been wearing my summer dresses, although at times in the run up to Christmas it definitely felt warm enough too. But they're away now and the more wintery parts of my wardrobe, including snugly warm jumpers are out.  

With a bit more energy the next day and with an end of sale date looming we continued our chair hunt on Sunday, our second trip was to confirm colours and sizes, which we'd starrily-eyed forgotten to double check the first time round! They're ordered and I'm hopeful that along with the table, they'll be here by the middle of March.

The rest of my week has been uneventful really in the scheme of things, but somehow our washing pile has multiplied so every day there's been a load set to wash, timed to finish as I get in from work. I'm loving that I can time the washing machine to start; I tell you, at times it's all glamour here...

I'm off to watch MOH in the 10k Winter Run on Sunday, which looking at the forecast might be quite wintery without the artificial "snow storms" along the route.  Perhaps I'll find somewhere warm and snug to support from instead!

I hope your week has been more glamorous and healthier than mine!

The Reading Residence