My top 10 posts of 2015

I've not done this before, but being a bit of a data nerd I'm not sure why I haven't. Anyway, I was keen to see which of my posts had the most views - and I was surprised to discover which they were.

1. 52 Cookbooks #2: Lamb Dopiaza


I wrote this post back in January 2014 and it was just the second in the challenge I took part in to use a different one of my cookbooks for each week of the year.

I am rather partial to a lamb dopiaza and it seems so are many other people as this post was my most viewed post.

It really was a good curry, perhaps even I'll cook it again - but I wouldn't say this was my best post, so I'm baffled as to why it's here at number 1.

I suspect people are looking for Rick's recipe and find my post instead...



2. Our Ride London

I'm less surprised that this post is at the top end of the list, as MOH shared the link with everyone who'd sponsored him so they could get a feel for how the day went. It was a really enjoyable day - even though it was a very early start and I suspect I enjoyed it more than perhaps MOH did as I wasn't cycling the 100 miles! 



3. A coat of paint and some new cushions

This was one of my favourite posts and another that I'm not surprised features on this list. I'd bought some old metal garden chairs on eBay and finally got around to painting them a cheery yellow and making some new cushions for them. The painting I was fine with, but it was my first foray into sewing cushions and really I just made it up as I went along with some common sense, help from the internet and guidance from mum.  

And of course I didn't make it easy for myself by deciding to add piping to the cushions, but I really do think that makes it.

4. Gorgeous Gift Tags

Another craft post. This one though was published on 14 December to coincide with the Crafty Advent Calendar that Prestigious Textiles ran throughout December. 

I'm surprised - and pleased - that this post is so high on the list. The gift tags are gorgeous and were much easier to do than you think - there's a tutorial on the post, so have a go if you don't believe me!



5. Inspired by MADE London

I'm pleased to see this post in the top 10 as it was a lovely night out. We'd dashed into town one October evening as Tutton & Young had invited me to the private view of this event held in One Marylebone and also included a +1 ticket for MOH. It was just as well he was there as otherwise I'm sure I'd have bought lots more than I did!

But I left inspired. We truly have some fabulous crafters and makers in the UK, and they were on the whole generous with their time and talking about their craft. In fact I left so inspired it spawned a whole series of blog posts, which I'm sure there's still a few more to come.



6. Inside the house at Standen

It seems only right that there's a visit to a National Trust property in this list. This was a post about our visit back in April which coincided with the tulip festival they held in honour of the house's designer Phillip Webb. 

It was a lovely sunny day and even though it was April we spent quite a lot of our visit sitting on the terrace in the sun. We did go inside and it was one of those houses that you can just imagine living in. The thing that struck me though was just how restrained we are in our use of patterns today. I mean, how many different patterns can you count in the shot below?!

7. My IKEA hack: HOL storage table to laundry basket

Well, I'm taking this as proof that everyone likes an IKEA hack!  I wrote this post back in July and included it in my review of the year in photos too, mainly because it was another sewing project I'd tackled without a pattern, and another one that turned out really well.  

8. My week this week: New

This is one of my weekly round-up posts where I share what's happened that week. Of these posts I'm not surprised that this one was most popular as it's the one where I went back to work after almost a twenty month break. It's nice to know that these posts can be as big hitters as some of my other posts.

9. Show Gardens at the Ideal Home Show

Another post from April - clearly that was a big month for me! This time though it's one from my visit to the iconic Ideal Home Show which I went to for the first time in many years. I went to this off my own back because I am interested in seeing what's new in the homes and gardens world. 

I spent the day there but it wasn't until the evening that I discovered these show gardens which were designed and built by students from the top UK horticultural colleges in just a few days as part of the Ideal Young Gardeners of the Year competition.  

All of the gardens tackled how to deal with excess rainwater, which given the scenes we've seen in the north of England this Christmas is ironic, and in reality these wouldn't come anywhere close to dealing with those.  Even so, the gardens were fab and not something I remember from previous Ideal Home Shows.

10. New Prints and Jacquards from Prestigious Textiles for Autumn/Winter

I wrote this post early October after my visit to the Prestigious Textiles stand as part of the London Design Festival. I'd been invited along and it was great to see the new range and talk to the PT team. The craft projects I was inspired to do have been slower than I anticipated but they're still very much on the go and I'll be sharing those in the next few weeks.

I've worked with Prestigious Textiles since, taking part in the Crafty Advent Calendar and my post for the Gorgeous Gift Tags came in at number four on this list. They do have lovely fabric and I hope to work with them again in 2016.

Photo credit:  Prestigious Textiles

Photo credit: Prestigious Textiles

So there you have it, my top ten posts. I told you at the start that they were quite a mixture and some were a surprise for me and others were the ones I expected. A fun - and useful -  exercise and my nerd tendencies are satisfied. It'll be interesting to repeat this again next year...