My week this week: Musing

It's natural I think at this time of year to look forward with hope and look back and reflect, and I've been no different. The blog world is full of these kind of posts, and I know bloggers aren't the only one to consider resolutions, intentions or goals for the year. Even my brother is at it, his resolution is to procrastinate less, starting tomorrow!


This year instead of writing a review of the year I shared my year in photos, splitting it into two posts with the first covering January to June and the second July to December. I had great fun looking back over the year, reliving the memories and struggling to narrow the year down to the twenty four photos I'd planned. I failed with that, but it's the kind of failure I'm ok with!

For the first time I looked back to see which were my 10 most popular posts of the year. An interesting exercise I can tell you, and as a result I've already refreshed some of my older, popular posts. From that alone I've learnt that you can never tell which post will make that list, in top spot there's a post from January 2014 (yes 2014!) and then in a few places further down a more recent post from December 2015. This is something I'm going to repeat. 

I've also been considering what my word for 2016 will be, and looking back to see how I got on with last year's word Focus. I've chosen Shine for my word this year, and already it's making me smile. None more so because this year I have a soundtrack too, courtesy of the wonderful Take That - so very considerate of them!

The final musing that I've been up to this week is some behind the scenes planning. As ever, I've got plenty of posts backing up just waiting to be written and shared and I've been thinking how I can theme those so they appear more coherent and organised. The musing has worked and I have a rough plan for my interiors, crafts, gardening and exploring posts through to March. 

And I think it's high-level and flexible enough that it may just work and give me the structure I'm after. The proof though, as they say will be in the pudding. And I'm sure you'll know by now, that any pudding is fine by me... 

I hope you've had the start of the year you'd hoped for too, I'm looking forward to sharing more of my 2016 with you. 

The Reading Residence