My week this week: Bonkers

Or in other words, it's been busy! 

I know you'll be thinking, but life is busy - and you'd be right - but it feels even busier than normal.

Last weekend started with a dash after work on Friday evening to Weybridge, where we stayed overnight ahead of a day trip to Woodfest at Wisley, sponsored by STIHL the garden power tool company, for me and a long cycle in the Surrey Hills for MOH. While MOH was pedalling his way up and down Box Hill I learnt much about chainsaws, strimmers and other power tools. 

It was really interesting and good to see the new range and learn of the maintenance we should all do regularly. Then it was time for the STIHL Timbersports Roadshow which was fun and noisy, but still amazing to watch. I've some videos of the show which I'm hoping to share soon, with more from the day. There was lots to see at Woodfest, and as the name suggests, mostly wood as well as the lovely gardens of Wisley.



On Sunday there was an exciting discovery at the allotment. After not visiting for a while I discovered we had a cauliflower. And it looks like a proper cauliflower too. Well, one that's the size of my fist anyway, so it still has some growing to do yet. The allotment has done well without us, but every visit reminds me just how much there is still to do.

The weekend before we left Devon with a bag of apples from the field behind MOH's aunt, and Wednesday evening I decided was the perfect time to make an apple pie. That's after a longer than usual walk home as I headed off to the Post Office after work to collect a parcel. The apple pie turned out well, but there was no time to make a proper tea afterwards so pizza from the freezer it was. And having made that apple pie I could feel virtuous about the pizza.

Both MOH and I have been busier than usual at work this week and that's meant evenings have been short - and aren't they dark much earlier already? After a particularly taxing day I decided to bring a bottle of wine home. It wasn't til MOH got home that he realised I'd bought a bottle of low alcohol wine, and my first thoughts were why was that even a thing? We found a real bottle of wine so it all ended well.

Yesterday I made time to get out at lunchtime and headed over to the National Maritime Museum, as now it's a bit chillier I'm looking for things to do inside. I quickly found myself distracted by the exhibition of the stained glass windows from the Baltic Exchange in the City. The windows were damaged in the early nineties by a terrorist bomb outside the building, and the story of how they've painstakingly been restored was fascinating. But more on that another day I think.

How's your week been?

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