Post Comment Love 11-13 November 2016

Hello there and welcome to this week's #PoCoLo, it's been a chilly one this week hasn't it?  If you were here last week - thank you - Morgan and I hope you enjoyed our first #BloggersShowcase we're looking forward to being able to share more about you. We've had lots of interest in taking part, which has been great. We're still waiting for your answers to roll in, so this week is mostly about linking up and seeing what our community have been up to in the past week.

If you're thinking about sending over your answers, please do, we could be featuring you next week. Pop over here to find out how to get involved, and for a reminder of the questions. 

To counter the cold I've been keeping busy as usual. It's been a busy blog week with a drive to Devon to visit River Cottage HQ, a trip into town to admire some gorgeous handbags and a craft evening in Greenwich where I made a start on making my own neon sign. 

blue aluminium wire which was part of my craft evening in Greenwich this week

And that's where my photo is from, this wire is the basis of my design. I've still some more to do to complete my sign, but I had a great evening drawing the design, bending the wire and attaching the neon bit (technical term!) to the wire with a series of knots. I never realised that tying knots with invisible thread would be so therapeutic. 

I'll be sharing more of my craft evening, the handbags and my visit to River Cottage here soon, but oh so many photos to edit first. I've had a brilliant week, and even I'm surprised by how much I managed to fit in around working full time!