The 10 best indoor succulents for your home

You'll already know that I'm a fan of succulents.

You'll have read how I've enthused about my Schlumbergera more commonly known as a Christmas Cactus (or in the infographic below a Thanksgiving Cactus); giggled along with me at the best plant name ever and pottered along with me in the greenhouse as I've tended my Aloes and marvelled as I've propagated new plants from discarded leaves

Yes it's safe to say I'm a fan of succulents.

So when UncommonGoods got in touch with their infographic I was interested to know what was on their list.  And I wasn't disappointed. My favourite, the schlumbergera, was in number one spot. Looking through the list it made me realise that part of the reason I like succulents so much are for their names. There's not a plain one among them is there?

I realised too that they appeal to the lazy gardener in me, as they're resilient, hardy and versatile. And they still manage to look pretty. That surely has to be a win-win. If you're not sure where to start with succulents then there's a wealth of information on the type of light they like to how much water, as well as if they're toxic to pets in the infographic. Let me know if this encourages you to get started with succulents, I promise you they really are easy plants to grow and love.

My favourites are on this list, are yours?

10 best indoor succulents for your home

This is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are my own.  All images courtesy of UncommonGoods.