My week this week: Thankful

This was a week that could have gone either way. You know the sort, the sort that hasn't always gone smoothly, and this week my word could so easily have been pain, but it's not. And that's because I've decided to look at things more positively, and if I hadn't I think I could have become decidedly grumpy. 

It was just a little mindshift, but it's helped, because there has been pain. After a day walking around A Taste of London (more on that soon) and then Canary Wharf my feet were, unusually, killing me. One of them anyway.

Somehow I'd hurt the ball of my foot on my right foot, I wasn't sure how but I remembered it hurting on my way to work the previous week. I'd even swapped my trainers for boots a couple of days, but to no avail.

Painful feet aren't good, are they? So I was keen to work this out. And I think I have. I had an arch support in my trainer, and I think it's that. Without it the trainers are once again comfortable, so I was glad I worked it out.  I've worn them for walking for most of the days this week, and all seems good...

But of course, the one day I didn't wear the trainers and opted for some flat and what I thought were comfortable shoes for a day in town, that was the day my feet got revenge and I found myself with blisters quite quickly. And with a night out ahead of me, and not being able to contemplate wearing the blister-inducing shoes all evening I made a hasty stop to buy some new boots.

So, the result of this foot pain has been a lovely pair of new brown suede boots and another item to add to my 2016 in 2016 clearout. Two things to be thankful for. 

But that's not been the only pain this week I'm afraid as my crown fell out. Sadly it can't be repositioned so I'll need a new one - eek! It's expensive, as dental work is, but it's also essential. Since it's been missing and I've had a gap - thankfully at the back of my mouth and one that doesn't show - my tongue has gone into "goldfish mode."  You'll know what I mean, it's when your tongue keeps searching out the hole, and does it so much that it becomes sore. Now I'm not thankful for that, but I have managed to curb its goldfish tendencies, what I'm grateful for is being able to see a dentist the same evening the crown came out. And that she's rushing through treatment as much as she can so my new gnasher is in place ahead of Christmas.

I've had a couple of blog evenings out this week and they've both been great, and so lovely to be invited and meet people passionate about their work and who they work for. And both with great products too.  I'll be sharing more about my evenings at the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden and at Habitat on Tottenham Court Road soon, you may have seen some of the photos from the evenings already on Instagram.

I'm @habitatuk this evening for #habitatchristmas expect lots of glitz and good design spam this evening #sorrynotsorry

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The final thing I've been thankful for this week is family. There was some family news this week, which I'm not sharing here, but I was grateful to one of my aunts and one of my uncles for getting in touch, and then subsequently to MOH and my brother for the support and family discussions we had, which meant I could share the Responsible Adult role and the responsibilities that brings. A bit of a vague one to end with, but sadly that's how it is right now, and having that support really helped me look at things a little more positively, in a funny kind of way.

So what have you been thankful for this week?

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