My week this week: Blur

This week has passed in a bit of a blur, for a number of reasons.

It started with a drive up to Norfolk Friday evening for what turned out to be a busy weekend with my parents.  On Saturday we visited the local craft barns and then the farm shop for apples. Well, I bought pears and quinces, but you know what I mean. 

There was a visit to a new-to-us Chinese restaurant Saturday evening and then an earlier than usual start on Sunday morning for me as I dropped MOH and his bike off at Fakenham race course for a 72-mile cycling sportif. There's photographic evidence of it too, but I'm not sure who looks more shocked, me or MOH.

He did well and completed the route in four and a half hours. Meanwhile I went home for some breakfast, and headed down to a treasure trove in nearby Snettisham. There'll be some posts on that to come I'm sure, and there was time for an autumn walk around dad's garden. He's recently finished picking his runner beans and picked this beetroot for me. Sadly though when we turned it over most of the other side had been nibbled, so I declined and the compost bin was the winner.

The journey home Sunday evening was, shall we say, interesting. I felt poorly on the way home and needed to make several stops, and by the time we got home all I was up for was getting myself into the house and into my PJs and bed, where I stayed pretty much until Tuesday morning. MOH had started to feel poorly during the day Monday, so we had a fun evening.

Tuesday I was back at work and spent the next two days with a film crew for one of the projects I'm working on. And just when I thought it was calming down I got back to my desk after three days away and a pile of emails. How could I have forgotten about those?

I told you it'd been a blur of a week.

As well as baking those pears and quinces, and the windfall apples from dad's neighbours, this weekend I'll be having a good sit down and catching up with myself.  And baking a cake. That will help, won't it?

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence