My week this week: Permission

Now you might be thinking this is a bit of an odd word for this week, and I'd be tempted to agree, but this week I've had to admit to myself that my to do list is way bigger than it needed to be. And that's all of my to do lists, it's normal to have more than one, right?

There's the Christmas task list, the work to do list and the one for the blog too. I'm sure there's more, but well this week it's been about giving myself permission to slow down, reevaluate what's on those lists and get done what truly needs to be done, rather than everything. And, at work especially, that's meant quite some flexibility too. 

But I'm getting there, and I hope you are too.  

Last weekend saw a flurry of Christmas card activity. I wanted to make our cards again this year, and mistakenly thought my planned design would be relatively quick to accomplish. It didn't turn out quite that way. Luckily though I discovered an emergency stash of Christmas cards, both handmade and shop bought, so the pressure was off. 



I made some cards, and enjoyed making twenty or so of them. As in previous years I wished I'd started sooner.  But setting myself a time limit worked and I knew it was ok to do these few well and supplement these with the stash I was so pleased to find.  

There was also the realisation that this year I won't be making a wreath for our front door. I haven't found the time I'd hoped I would, and when I looked at the little Christmas tree growing in the garden, I knew I wasn't ready to cut it yet. I've decided that my Christmas won't be any worse for not having a wreath decorating our front door. 

Nor will I be making any handmade baubles. I mean, when - or why - did I think that'd be a good idea? I guess when I slipped four paper mache baubles into my basket in the craft store.  Clearly I'd temporarily forgotten I have a busy full-time job!  

The bauble idea might have occurred when I had the master plan of getting up earlier and making the most of the time before I headed off to work. I tried it once, but it took me a few days to recover from that. I'm more naturally a night owl, and while the once I tried it it was helpful, maybe I should do it gradually rather than full on. I guess that's something to try again another time. 

So this week I've given myself permission to slow down and not tick everything off the list. And it's been empowering. Don't get me wrong, it's still busy, I wouldn't be me if it wasn't. But it's the right kind of busy. MOH might be less impressed with this approach as it's seen him with new duties, and employed as a mostly willing assistant, called on to lick and stick the Christmas card envelopes and stamps and chief bag carrier from an impromptu visit to the local supermarket. Actually I think he's relishing his role. 

We've both had Christmas Do's this week too, and it was nice to socialise with my new work colleagues and be just a bus ride away from home at the end of the evening. Nor can I resist my now Friday tradition of mentioning the weather, the fog yesterday made for a great photo opportunity on the walk to work. 



So after a mini-replan, I'm almost set for Christmas. Presents are bought, mostly wrapped (and some already opened), the cheese is bought, the vegetables are bought and I've done with queuing in the local supermarket. I've still to pick the meat up from the butchers, and prep the veg, but it's feeling entirely do-able.

I've another festive post to come yet (there's nothing like cutting it fine is there?) but in the meantime, have a lovely Christmas, and remember, it's ok not to do absolutely everything on your list either.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with what seems a never-ending list. And that I'm not the only one reviewing what actually needs to be done...

The Reading Residence