My week this week: Festive

As it's December I feel entitled to feel festive, but I do feel that I and everyone else - ok maybe not everyone - is  generally getting into the festive spirit earlier this year. I'm not quite sure why that is, but my personal theory is that it's been quite a year, and so people are keen to be done with it and move onto the next. My year's been ok, on the whole I think, but who knows why we're feeling festive earlier this year...

Maybe it's because we've already had our family Christmas, yes it was early but it was lovely to see my parents, brother and nieces in one go and if it meant doing that early in December it was worth it. And that means we've had leftovers to eat this week too. The best sort of leftovers - pudding! Well, actually puddings!  We've had a choice of baked lemon cheesecake and MOH's now traditional lighter Christmas pudding, not bad hey?



My posts this week have started to have a festive theme, as my tree went up last Saturday. I'm really pleased with it, although at six foot it's larger than we're used to. It's clearly not a real tree, but my thinking was if I wasn't going to have a real tree it might as well as be as far away from looking like a real one as possible.

Not a real christmas tree

And then there's the competition over at London Graphics Centre where you can win a present wrapped by me. Do pop over and take a look, I'm sure you'll love the present.

Christmas cards have started to arrive, that's nice but also a reminder that I haven't done any yet. Not made them, let alone written or posted them! One of the cards arrived from an aunt and uncle with a couple of packets of seeds in - giant pumpkins and sunflowers - not what I expected but I'll let you know how we get on with them next year.

This weekend I've got a list of festive tasks to complete, sadly the more practical sort of ordering the meat for Christmas and the New Year from the butchers and if I'm lucky I'll managed to fit in some festive crafts too. It's hard work being this festive isn't it?

Sadly I won't be at the dentist this side of Christmas - now there's a sentence I never thought I'd type. I've had to rearrange my appointments for my replacement crown, as the lab don't have the materials in stock to make it, so that's now on the list for next year.  Thankfully my tongue has moved out of that goldfish mode, where it kept exploring the gap and in getting itself inflamed in the process, so there's much less pain, but it would still be good to get this sorted.

And my final festive offering for this week, was the Carol Service at work which was held this week. It was in one of the historic chapels in Greenwich, which was a lovely setting and I had a lovely sing-song. In fact I realised that the carol I never used to like, is actually now one of my favourites, so it's Hark the Herald Angels Sing all the way for me.

How's your week been?

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