My week this week: Fortunate

After a few days away last week, this week has been more normal and as such I struggled to choose a word that summed up my week. But then looking back there was a word that kept springing to mind, and that was fortunate.


We went out on our bikes again Saturday, but this time only for a short ride. To the pub. It was a much shorter ride, which was just as well as the weather was much chillier. The Norfolk wind had returned and as we cycled along the back roads to Heacham the tears - from the cold - were streaming down my cheeks. I was glad we were only going to the pub down the road, and realised how fortunate we'd been with the weather on our previous ride, which had turned into a 27-miler!

Returning to work on Monday, the traffic was lighter than usual. I didn't click why initially, but then I realised it was half-term. Result. It's made driving to work this week an absolute dream. I'm sure some of you wouldn't mind staying off for longer, I'm just saying I wouldn't mind either...

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet and that's made a nice change. We did have a rare trip to the supermarket this week - they never go well, and let's just say I'm fortunate they don't happen very often too. MOH and I are definitely supermarket incompatible!  Mr Ocado man has definitely got my regular business.

Actually the notable thing of the week is that my blog turned three and I had some cupcakes to celebrate. Well I offered them to my readers and I hope you enjoyed your virtual cupcake.

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence