Bringing memories to life with Cheerz - and an offer code for you

Last week on Instagram I shared with you a couple of snaps of the products I received from Cheerz, a fun way to get your favourite photos printed. You can upload your photos using an app or a website and create fun photo projects.  When they got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in seeing what they could do, I was keen to see how easy it was.

The products I choose were the fun photo strips and the La Boîte à Photos - quite literally a box of photos. 

The photos I wanted to use were on my PC so I used the Cheerz website to create both items. It was easy to use - and easy to load pictures from my social accounts too - and there were some fun filters to apply too. For the photo strips I liked that I could add text to the bottom of the strip.


I plan to use these in a few ways: as a bookmark, pinned to my desk at work and on my desk at home.  I chose a theme of blue and yellow for these and have mixed pictures from our allotment, cycling days out, Norfolk, Cornwall and our trip into London before Christmas. The results, are I think fab.  MOH has had his eyes on the Cornish blue strip (second from the right in the shot above) and he now has that as his bookmark, he's a happy boy!

La Boîte à Photos

So far I haven't shared with you what was in the box, just that it was a pretty box, and isn't it? But that's about to change, I'd read the description on the website and was keen to see if it lived up to that. The short answer is yes, it did - it's total inspiration in a box, and with your own photos too!

As you open the box you get a glimpse of what's inside:


While I was keen to check out how my photos had printed, I was also keen to see the little pegs. They are seriously funky.  I have some small silver coloured pegs, but hadn't seen the wooden variety so miniature before (and yes I really do need to get out more!)


And how apt that the washi tape in my box was yellow?

So having checked out the inspiration, what were my photos like...  Good, they're printed in the polaroid style and I was pleased with the quality and how the filters turned out.


The photos I chose for this selection were from our visit to Cornwall in September 2014. Following a relatively warm summer, our holiday followed a couple of weeks of rain and we were fortunate that for our week in Cornwall the weather returned and we really did have a magical time. We had visits to Bosvigo Gardens, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Tintagel Castle and many more gorgeous places - some of which you can read about here.  I say, some because I've still some stories - and photos - to share from that trip - ahem!

Adding memories to our house

All too often we take photos digitally and that's where they stay - on our phones, PCs and/or online storage and we rarely look at them. That's what I like about this box, I was soon thinking about how and where I could display these photos.

And I have just the place. 

I'm going to add these to the curved wall in our Top Bedroom using the pegs and the twine and most likely some little brass tacks which I'll pick up easily from the local hardware store. They'll bring a nice pop of colour to the room, and will be a great way to display just some of our memories around our house.  I think it's the touches like this that make a house a home, don't you?  


An offer code for you

The fabulous people at Cheerz are keen for you to try this out for yourself. All you need to do is browse the Cheerz website or use the app to upload your photos. Using the code STECUP will save you £4 off orders of at least £8. It's easy to use, the delivery was quick so with Mother's Day just around the corner, what are you waiting for?