My week this week: Deadlines

This week it’s been all about the deadlines, and I think *looks around and over shoulder* I’ve met them all…


On Saturday with a visit from family, so our challenge was to get the house presentable, buy and prepare the food for the meal we were cooking that evening and be ready for when they arrived mid-afternoon. And all this after a Friday night in town with friends, though thankfully not too much of a late one. We did just about do it and I’m sure the banana bread we shared with a cuppa soon after arrival was all the better for being still warm.

Sunday with no deadlines at all after a nice long sit down to recover from the socialising and activities of the previous two days, we had a sudden spurt of energy and finally got around to adding the finishing touches to our porch – our smallest room. I’m really pleased with it and already the pigeon shelves are a hit with me.

There’s been a fair few blog deadlines this week too so it’s been a busy week on my blog. It’s been an enjoyable week though, but as I like to intersperse collaborative posts among my own posts I’ve posted more than I expected to this week. It seems that busyness is going to continue next week too, so my plan is to get my act more together next week so it doesn’t take me by surprise!

The new e-cloths arrived for the cleaning challenge I’ve signed up to, and it seems we have a cloth for every occasion. I’ll be getting MOH involved in this challenge, because well he is the Master Cleaner in this house.  The challenge is not to use any chemicals cleaning for a fortnight, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m interested to see how this will work on our curved glass shower screen and on the induction hob – I’ll let you know.


And hasn’t it been nice to see the lighter evenings this week?  Getting home from work in the light – however briefly – has been a real treat.

How’s your week been?