A wander in the City

It's been a while since I worked in the City, and while I pop into town occasionally this weekend after some chatting with my old work buddies, I realised how much I've missed them and the daily banter we used to share as well as my wanders around the City.

And while we we're planning to meet up and catch up with all the news soon - yes, it'll be loud, fun and you should pity anyone sitting too close by - today I thought I'd share a wander towards Fenchurch Street. It's not a route I walked often, except for during the Olympics when I did it daily as I headed off for volunteering duties as a London Ambassador based just outside the Tower of London, but it's a nice walk.  And like everywhere, when you have time to look, the more you see. 

This is a shop window that I have to look in - I daren't go in (well too often) as it's one of those shops where I struggle to have an off switch in, and that while very tasty can be quite expensive. I will though happily help you eat any Ladurée macarons...


Heading up Cornhill there's a mix of old and new buildings (and no doubt more have been built since I took this photo a while back now) and I love to see how the buildings co-exist. 


Taking a left and for a change avoiding Leadenhall Market - one day I'll take my camera there, it's a beautiful place. With a right I'm in Fenchurch Street and it's not long before I'm outside Plantation Place. It's a vast development and takes it name from the previous Plantation House, which stood in the same place and was once the world's recognised centre of the tea trade and the home of the London Metal Exchange until the mid-nineties.

It has an unusual sculpture outside, which I couldn't help but look up at.

fenchurch street
Plantation Place

Heading around the corner I found myself at Minster Court and somewhere I'd rushed past many times before. I'd noticed the horses but never stopped to look at them more closely. The sculptures, of three horses by Althea Wynne are said to have been nicknamed Dollar, Yen and Sterling.

The building holds the London Underwriting Centre, although you may recognise it from Disney's 1996 101 Dalmatians movie where it featured as the exterior of Cruella De Vil's fashion house. It was also featured in the 2010 remake of Bouquet of Barbed Wire. Who'd have thought, hey?

Horse statues
Sculpture by Althea Wynne

So there you go, horses in the City and the promise of a good natter with former workmates. What more could I ask for!  

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