My week this week: Behindhand

Yes that really is a word. It means as you'd imagine tardy, late or behind in progress. And it's perfect to describe my week. 


I think you can have weeks where you've been behind, constantly feeling like you're catching up but that have still been good. And as behindhand is such a good word and silly enough to raise a smile, I'm ok with having a rushed week.

Its origins are thought to date back to 1520-1530, and you'll not be surprised to know it's probably based on beforehand, which is clearly more established in our vocabulary. It does make you wonder why some words stick, and some just don't see the light of day doesn't it?

This week I've been compiling my yearbook of photos for 2015. As usual I'd left it to the last minute, and as usual it's taking longer than I think. MOH questioned why we even had them, but then spent a good while looking at and reminiscing over the ones we do have, so I think I've proven my point. 

I'm also behind where I want to be on reading blogs this week, so if I normally pop over to your blog I'm sure I'll be over soon. Creating the yearbook, a day in town at the weekend - for the London 10k run, some shopping and finding some awesome loos - and a night out have slowed me down. But on the plus side, I've been busy!

It's been the kind of week that while achieving lots, and managing to cook dinner most nights, I've felt there's something else I should be doing. I've not worked out what that is yet, so if I've forgotten anything big I'm apologising now.  

And true to form even this post is later than I'd have liked. But, well, it's here now!


I'm hoping next week is more controlled and organised, but first I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend with some extra hours snuck in, so I can be less behindhand!

How's your week been?  


The Reading Residence