Seeds, seeds, seeds...

It was such a nice day last Friday that it prompted me to head over to the Garden Centre at lunchtime. My initial plan was to have a look around as I'd only been there once before and that was in the dark to buy my Christmas treebut once I got there it hit me that I could buy my seeds while I was there.

With renewed purpose I set off to see what they had and while I was at it trying to recall what was on my list. As I made my way to the seeds I picked up packets of first earlies, second earlies and main crop potatoes - not huge packets as we're not big potato eaters, but enough I hope to provide what we want. I've chosen some heritage varieties too, with both the second earlies and main crop potatoes being purple. I reckoned that that was one of the advantages of growing my own.

I found the seeds - and wow, there were loads. And loads. I was in seed heaven. It was potentially dangerous.

Soon though packets of free seeds caught my eye, well they would wouldn't they?  For every two packets of seeds I bought I could pick one of the designated free packs of seeds.

I left with quite a few!

seed packets


  • Tomatoes - Harbinger and Akron - both non-cherry types, which I *might* already have plenty of seeds for
  • Cucumber - Swing - for the greenhouse
  • Butternut Squash - Hunter
  • Leeks - Bulgaarse Reuzen-Lincoln
  • Sunflowers - two packets of Sparky
  • Parsnips - White Gem
  • Lupins - Sunrise
  • Sweetcorn - Ovation
  • Peas - Terrain
  • Borlotti beans - Lingua di Fuoco - a favourite, but what I didn't realise translates to Firetongue
  • Red Pointed Cabbage - Kalibos
  • Kale - Reflex and Nero di Toscana
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Rudolph - which is an extra early variety
  • Beetroot - Alto
  • Cauliflower - Snowball
  • Turnips - Purple Top Milan
  • Spinach - Amazon
  • Celeriac - Monarch
  • Chilli Peppers - Peperoncino Cillegia Piccante
seed packet reverse

It seems I can get sowing already with most of them too - those turned over can be planted now.

Guess what I'll be doing over the next few weekends??