Post Comment Love & Newbie Showcase 18-20 March 2016

Welcome back to PoCoLo - Friday's are coming around quickly these days, which is never a bad thing is it. It was another busy link up last week and I am still working my way through some of your posts - somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a day this week.  If you find it I'll be pleased to have it back.

This week I've been getting some fairly major preparations sorted for our Easter trip and finally got the hotels booked - yes I know, nothing like leaving it until the last minute. In the end I phoned them to double check they had secure storage for our bikes overnight. I've not been able to do much about the weather but I'm hoping that it'll at least be dry if it can't be sunny. I'm not sure cycling in the we will be any fun at all. I'll let you know how we get on.

My post this week is all about a challenge I've set myself, quite a big challenge in fact and one it'll be interesting to see how close I get to - and now that I've built it up I'll let you know it's a decluttering one.

Newbie Showcase: Sarah from Craft Invaders

Hi, My name is Sarah, and I blog with my kids, over at Craft Invaders. It was the kids' idea to start a blog, we love reading other peoples, and I very naively thought 'how hard can it be?' 

Eleven months on, I now know exactly how much hard work it is, but we have definitely caught the blogging bug, and love it!

Our passions are connecting with nature, crafts, spending time together as a family and history, and our blog reflects this.

We love featuring our:

This year we have set ourselves the challenge to learn much more about wild foods and foraging, and are sharing our adventure through our blog and Instagram - we'd love for others to come and join in!

You can find us here

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Thanks to Stephanie and Morgan for featuring us on Newbie Showcase, and for all the hard work they put into #PoCoLo xx


Thank you Sarah, it's our pleasure to feature you here today.

Remember, if your blog is less than a year old and you'd like to be featured on Newbie Showcase then please get in touch.