What does colour mean to you?

When Calibre Office Furniture got in touch and invited me to write a post about my favourite colour I thought I'd got it sorted.

I mean, anyone who's seen my instagram feed lately - or who knew me as I grew up - won't be surprised to learn my first choice of colour was yellow.

But then I thought about it some more and remembered when MOH and I got engaged several of my friends said they just knew I'd have a pink ring - I have a pink sapphire in my engagement ring - which shocked me, as I didn't even really know that's what I wanted until I saw it. But they were adamant and said pink was obvious as it was a colour I wore a lot. Looking in my wardrobe at the time - and now - they were right, but I knew that I didn't wear as much pink as some, so that was perhaps my benchmark.

And then I thought about green, it's a colour I'm often drawn to and (along with pink) it's a colour I wear a fair bit of.  And red, we do have a lot of it in our house, despite persuading MOH we shouldn't have red dining chairs (which btw I still don't have an ETA for - not so happy about that).

So what is my favourite colour.

I've decided that I am simply a fan of colour. I wear colour everyday. If I wear an all black outfit then well I feel, well I just don't feel myself.  I guess I'm just used to me in colour.

And looking back this week I outdid myself on colour one evening; I needed to drop my bike down to the bike shop to get my brakes checked before our Easter cycling break.  For this I wore red trousers, matched with pink and cerise striped socks, the orange vest I'd worn during the day with a purple and lime green running top over it; to top that - and to keep warm - I chose a white sweatshirt, because it was getting dark and I wanted to be seen!  When I realised quite how many colours I'd combined - mostly through circumstance it must be said - it was the white top that I thought might have been OTT!

But if you pushed me to choose one colour, right now I'll stick with yellow.

Have you considered how colour affects us, and how important it is to us - scroll down, and take a look:


This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.