My week this week: Clarity

This week has been one of those rare weeks where things have fallen into place and one that's delivered clarity too, both at home and at work.


While watching the rugby last Saturday afternoon my phone rang and it was the Table Lady to say our new table was ready to be delivered. We knew it was about due but I was surprised - and pleased - to receive the call and so we quickly arranged for it to be delivered on a day when MOH was due to be at home anyway. Result.

The table arrived when they said it would and the guys quickly set it up, levelled it, made sure it was in the right place and showed MOH how the extending mechanism works. It's a white glass table, which is replacing a dark wooden one and already it's doing what we expected it to and throwing light around what can be a darker part of our house. 

It's clear though that we could do with the new chairs to arrive pretty soon, so we can do away with the mis-match of furniture styles!

On Sunday we spent an hour or two at the allotment - it was cold, but we were working so it wasn't so bad, but even so the sun which was out fleetingly was very welcome. We patched up the newspaper and cardboard stuffing of the new compost bins, repairing where the foxes had been playing, working out what we hope is a new system that will mean the newspaper stays where it's supposed to. We got some digging done too before we deemed it too cold and headed home armed with bags of weeds to deposit in our green waste bin. Before we left though it was obvious we needed to pick as much of our purple sprouting broccoli as we could, if we wanted to eat it!

The "spare" set of pigeon shelves that were due for the Study/Craft room are still heading that way, and we've decided on a colour too - the same colour that we painted the one in the porch. You may be thinking where the clarity is in that, and you'd be right to wonder. I worked out that what was holding me back was the cream colour of some of the walls in that room, you see I've never really been that keen on it. And yes, I chose the colour so there's no reason why I shouldn't like it!

The clarity was the realisation that neither of us were happy with the colours in that room or the spare bedroom next door and so a plan has been hatched to repaint the cream with a cooler colour. It means quite a bit of painting, and quite a bit of stuff to move out of those rooms to do it, but I'm hoping that when we're happier with the colour scheme we'll crack on and get the stuff that's been dumped in there sorted out too. So a clear out is also due in those rooms as well, because I've other books, magazines and craft supplies that I want to make room for. It's funny how life moves on isn't it? 

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence