Cards for Mother's Day

I'm taking a risk here posting my Mother's Day cards ahead of tomorrow, so if you're my mum or my MIL please stop reading now...


- - - Yes, if you're my mum or my MIL there's nothing to see here - - -


Right, with that out of the way, let me tell you more about the cards I've made.

I'm forever pinning ideas onto my Cards, Wrapping & Tags Pinterest board and so I thought I should check there for some inspiration before I started. And it worked.

Mothers Day card close-up

You'll need:

Card blanks
Card scraps
A selection of scrapbook paper cut into 1cm strips (or substitute washi tape for a quicker result)
PVA Glue
Printed or handwritten message
Embellishments for decorating

I used scrapbook paper for these cards, but washi tape would produce quicker results.

  1. Cut a scrap of card that covers two thirds of your card with a margin on each side and at the top.
  2. In a diagonal pattern stick the 1cm strips of scrapbook paper onto the card*, turning it onto the reverse of the card.  Leave under a pile of heavy books to dry.
  3. Cut out your text and stick onto a small piece of scrap card and leave it to dry under a pile of heavy books.
  4. When they are dry, cut around your text to form a flag shape at one end, your choice which and then stick this onto a larger piece of scrapbook paper that fills the remaining space of your card blank. Leave this to dry.
  5. Take the decorated piece of card and stick it onto your card blank, and leave it to dry.
  6. When both of these elements are dry and flat, stick them onto your card blank and leave it to dry for the last time. The heavy pile of books (or anything else that's heavy) is important as it keeps the card flat.
  7. Once the card is completely dry, add an embellishment in the top left-hand corner and you're ready to write your message inside.

These cards have do need time to dry as you assemble each element, but if you're using washi tape - which I think would look just as pretty - you can reduce the time it takes to make the cards, but not the effect.

Mother's Day cards

So there you have it, cards for Mother's Day. I'd hoped to be able to take better pictures of them before they went in the post but that didn't quite work out - next time I'll need to factor that in as well!

If you want some inspiration on home made cards, take a look at my Pinterest board - and if you like it, it'd be great to have you follow along.