How many London museums can you visit in one day?

Well, the short answer is I don't know. Yet!  

Ask me again on March 20th and I'll be much closer to being able to give you an answer. And not a finger-in-the-air answer either, a real and proper one. And that's because some of the lovely Team Honkers (who I teamed up with last year for the Comic Relief Danceathon) are at it again.

This March Team Honk has banished all limits of time, space and geography and challenged people across the world to #passtheproud baton by the power of the internet. So what does that mean - well it can mean anything you want it too.

Photo credit: Team Honk

Photo credit: Team Honk

A day-long London museum dash

Yes, exactly. On Saturday 19 March a group of bloggers - including Nell, Penny and Swazi - will visit as many of the capital's 300+ museums as they can during opening hours. I'm guessing there won't be the time for in-depth visits but they will be getting photographic evidence from each museum or art gallery they visit before heading off to the next one on their route. They'll be using public transport to get about and I'm sure at times they'll be on foot, so if you're in London that day look out for them.

The purpose of this challenge - apart to be a little bit bonkers and have fun - is to raise money for Sport Relief 2016, and if you can add to their fundraising total by sponsoring them that would be great. I'd hoped to take part but will be loading my bike onto the car and heading towards Lincolnshire instead, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is and sponsoring the London museum dash. 


Even if you can only spare a pound or two, it all counts and goes towards good causes:

  • £1 could provide a hot meal for a child in the UK living in extreme poverty,

  • £15 could provide life-saving medication for 75 children with malaria in Uganda

  • £25 could provide a young person in the UK who has faced domestic abuse with a one-to-one counselling session to help them overcome their ordeal and

  • £50 could send a disadvantaged young person in the UK on a sports coaching course, giving them the skills they need to find work.



You can read more about the challenge on Nell's Pigeon Pair and Me blog  - and please sponsor this fun challenge if you can - thank you.


Good luck ladies!


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