My week this week: Return

A relatively easy choice for me this week, as after missing writing these weekly posts for the last fortnight return was an obvious word to sum up my week.  


Last week we were off cycling and testing living out of panniers - and the logic of if we can do it here in March, then doing it in the summer for longer in warmer weather should be easier, appeared sound. And while it was one of those breaks were everything needed to be packed and unpacked with alarming regularity having a much narrower choice of clothes wasn't that bad. Next time though I'll definitely pack fewer socks!

We learnt some other things too, so it was well worth doing -  and we got to see a beautiful part of the country too. I've already shared our progress from day one where we covered twenty five miles between Grantham and Melton Mowbray and I'll be sharing more of our adventures soon. 

Our route was circular-ish and after a farm stay in Newark-on-Trent we returned to Grantham and the car before heading off to Norfolk for a family Easter.

We were back in London Sunday evening, just in time for the beginnings of Storm Katie. Unloading the car - including the bikes - was no fun at all. The next morning as we popped to the shops we discovered a roof tile between the front of the car and the house, in a gap of just about a metre. Thankfully there was no damage to the car (phew!) and so we set about finding out where the slate had come from.

Another phew, it wasn't off our roof but from our neighbours next door, so our next task was to break the news to our neighbour and return their slate. They'd had a few others down too and were more concerned about my car when they realised where we'd found the slate. 

The rest of the week has been about getting back in the routine for work, and catching up with everything there. But hasn't it been a delight to have these lighter evenings? So far I've only managed to get out in the garden one night, but I'm definitely planning on making the most of the ones to come and am hatching a plan for some evening allotment digging. Wish me luck!

How's your week been?

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